Is the case structure "case sensitive?"

Here was one of those tricking CLAD questions that I've never come across until I was taking the test.
The question was like this example:
If this vi was run, what would the output be?
At first glance it looks easy. With the selector terminal input being 'clad' and the case selector label being Clad, it should run the one button dialog box and print "This
is Clad".  But look again.  The string input to the case structure is
lowercase "clad".  Yes the case structure IS CASE SENSITIVE.
When I hit run on this vi, it doesn't recognize the "clad" and runs the
default case instead.

Here is what it looks like when I correct the lower case string input.

By correcting the string input to "Clad", it now matches the wording and case of the case structure and runs the "Clad" case which gives the one button dialog box output of "This is Clad".

Yes, the case structure IS case sensitive.  Try it before you take the CLAD test. 

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