LabVIEW & Arduino

Labview By Fairweather, Ian (EDT)/ Brumfield, Anne (EDT) (Google Affiliate Ad)
Arduino or compatible device

Install the NI-VISA drivers.

Install JKI VI Package Manager (VIPM) Community Edition (Free).
Install the LabVIEW Interface for Arduino as described here.

Connect your Arduino to your PC as described in here.

Load the LabVIEW Interface for Arduino Firmware onto your Arduino as described in here.
Once you have everything loaded into the Arduino, attach an LED to pin 9 and build a VI in LabVIEW that will turn on the LED with a switch from the Front Panel of LabVIEW.

Download this vi here:

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Kevin Petter said...

We've done a lot of pieces to tie HTML and LabVIEW together through web services and web sockets,
but obviously there is no seamless component integration and handling popups and thin client applications in parallel with labview has been a royal pain.

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Andree Symond said...

I appreciate you taking the time to correct some of my misconceptions and provide a different perspective.
I will admit that LabVIEW does have some awesome hardware integration and definitely eases deployment.
My post was mainly a outlet for too many hours of frustration trying to get LabVIEW to do things that
I could have accomplished in much less time using a more traditional language.
And while I still prefer text-based languages

labview programming

Madness Gabrill said...

I want to comment out pieces of my code in LabVIEW like I can in other programming languages,
such as C. This way I can try different tests to improve my program without deleting my existing code.

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Lee Ghirale said...

LabVIEW is a graphical programming platform that helps engineers scale from design to test and from small to large systems.
It offers unprecedented integration with existing legacy software, IP,
and hardware while capitalizing on the latest computing technologies.
LabVIEW provides tools to solve today’s problems—and the capacity for future innovation.

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Jasos Angla said...

LabVIEW software is ideal for any measurement or control system, and the heart of the NI design platform.
Integrating all the tools that engineers and scientists need to build a wide range of applications in dramatically less time,
LabVIEW is a development environment for problem solving, accelerated productivity, and continual innovation

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Lavies Dammp said...

I like the perspective about seeing webUIs, despite it seeming really far behind. Despite that comment,
I'm rather shocked to see the claim of LabVIEW being the best language for touch systems? Seriously?
I have to argue heavily against that. Touch systems are based on what users want to do.

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Sumbul Riz said...

i am facing some problem. i have succesfully installed all drivers . but when i run your labview program then only RX pin on arduino UNO board is blinking but pin13(my led pin) is OFF why is it happening..?

THANKS in advance

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