CLAD certified today !!!

I just passed the CLAD LabVIEW certification exam.  It was a bit tricky.  I studied everything I could find. 

In my opinion, the test consisted of half of the standard questions you find on the online practice exams.  The other 50% I have never seen before except for in the Core 1,2, and 3 classroom exercises.
It was 40 multiple choice questions.  I finished in less than 30 minutes and used the rest of the time to review my answers.

My advice to anyone taking this test is to study the practice exams, but also methodically go through all the exercises of the Core 1 through 3 classes.  If I would have reviewed those examples in the classroom exercise book, it would have greatly improved my final score.
For those who have not taken Core 1 through 3, I'll try to give a few examples in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned.

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Nara said...

Hi dude, i would like to take up CLAD exam next week. may i get the materials from.. please do forward,it helps me alot.