I attended my first day of NIWEEK.
It was lot's of fun. I registered my attendance first thing in the morning and the lady accidently gave me a Certified Developer tag for my badge.  So I was a CLD for only a day.  It was my lucky day.  Hopefully it's a sign of the future.  Maybe I will truly be a CLD soon.

I attended a LabVIEW seminar on file management in the morning after the keynote speeches.
I skipped lunch and walked around the Exhibit Hall to see all the neat things people have created using LabVIEW and NI products.
In the afternoon I attended a hands-on LabVIEW training and then a TestStand training.

Later in the afternoon, I returned back to the Exhibit Hall to continue learning how others have used LabVIEW to solve a problem or just sort their marbles by colors.

I really enjoyed the Hands-on TestStand training. My LabVIEW and TestStand batteries have just been recharged. I hope it will show in my posts.

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