My goal for this project is to fully utilize the free LabVIEW Student version and a relatively in-expensive Arduino microcontroller to build a test/troubleshooting box.

My first project is a test box for a simple multiplexer circuit. The circuit inputs are a clock signal and three switch inputs. The output is several LED's.

I want LabVIEW to control the clock input. I want to be able to turn the clock on and off, and also step through a clock sequence with a touch of a button.

I want LabVIEW to control the three switch controls from on-screen.

And the LED's should also be displayed on-screen and no physical LED's needed.

Hepefully all can be done with only the Student version of LabVIEW and the Arduino microcontroller.

If this simple task works, it will justify the cost of the full version of LabVIEW.

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