Hi, I'm currently a Lending Club member currently making 16.5% on my investment.

I think it's a service you should check out.

Lending Club is a great alternative to banks and credit cards. As an investment vehicle you loan out your capital to other members in need of low interest loans.  It's all private and confidential.  No names are any identifying information is used.  The borrowing members pay you back your principle with interest each month.  You can limit your exposure to each borrow to just a few dollars (generally each loan is $25 or less to the lender, you).

You can pick and choose who to invest in based on criteria you decide.  For example: no one with a credit score below 700 and debt-to-income ratio above 80%.  It's all up to you to determine which loans are good to invest in.

Lending Club is also an alternative to credit cards by loaning money to individuals based on a simple application process and invested in other individuals like you and me.  Folks who act as the bank as mentioned above.  Lending Club has low fixed rates on loans up to $35,000 for anyone who needs money to pay off high interest credit cards or to combine payments into one account.

The application only takes a few minutes and is completely confidential, secure and online.

Find out more here.

Lending Club respects the privacy of its members. Your personal information, whether you borrow or not and how much you borrow will always be kept totally confidential from other members -- including me.

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