LabVIEW Web UI Builder is a Web-Based LabVIEW programming Environment that gives you the ability to develop lightweight VI's without needing to purchase LabVIEW.

Practice creating and programming VI's now.  Try It Now     Create your account to start programming with LabVIEW.
LabVIEW Web UI Builder is free to try out for an unlimited amount of time. Anyone can create an account and develop an application that runs inside the editor. Users can save their work to cloud storage or, if the editor is installed locally, to a local hard drive. The only feature that is not available for free is the ability to build and deploy standalone web applications that no longer require the editor.
Microsoft Silverlight® is required; click here to install.

I loaded it on my computer and tried it out…  It’s awkward to use but it works.
Here are some screen prints and the example vi…

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